MV Italia, Island of Elba

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1/2 day trip

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A unique experience

The 1/2-day trip is a magnificent experience on board the MV Italia, and is your chance to see the Island of Elba's coast and its natural beauties from Marina di Campo to Pomonte.

We sail from Marina di Campo harbour at 16:15 hrs, proceeding clockwise along the south coast and coming first to Cavoli Bay, set into the rugged landscape of Mount Capanne. It is one of the Island of Elba's best known beaches for its beauty, its clear sea with magnificent turquoise colours, its granular beach and its special microclimate which means that it is visited even in the off-season months.

On the eastern side of Cavoli we come to the splendid Blue Cave, formerly also known as the Sea Cave, only accessible by boat or pedal boat, which can be visited.

We travel on to Fetovaia Bay for a swimming stop. It is one of the island's loveliest and most-photographed beaches with its lovely sea bed, sheltered position, clear water and colour contrast between the sapphire and turquoise sea and the fine, white granite sand.

Our journey continues towards Pomonte, along the west coast, a small village with close by the wreck of the Evilscott, a ship which went down in the 1970s, which lies at a depth of just 12 metres, the ideal location for our second swimming stop, with the opportunity for snorkelling.
After the swim we return to Marina di Campo at about 19:15 hrs.

1/2 day trip

Depart Marina di Campo 16:15 hrs
Return Marina di Campo 19:15 hrs
2 swimming stops

15 per adult

7,5 children 6-12 years

0 children 0-6 years

Some photos of the trip

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Cavoli Beach
Blue Cave at Cavoli
Fetovaia Beach
Fetovaia Beach
Pomonte Beach
Wreck of Pomonte